CAPS Grade 7 Social Sciences
40 Weeks
CAPS Grade 6 or an equivalent
Course ends with progression test
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Social Sciences is made up of two subjects, Geography and History.


Geography is the science of the Earth’s surface, its atmosphere and its features. Geography informs learners about:

  • our planet and the world we live in
  • different places, the continents and countries
  • oceans, rivers, deserts or mountains on our planet
  • natural environments and landforms.

It also teaches the different ways in which people live in different environments, encouraging learners to respect different languages and cultures. Geography informs learners about the effects that pollution, natural disasters, wars and conflict have on the people around the world, and teaches them how to protect our environment to help preserve the earth for future generations.

The Grade 7 Geography syllabus is made up of the following topics:

  • Term 1: Map skills
  • Term 2: Volcanoes, earthquakes and floods
  • Term 3: Population growth and change
  • Term 4: Natural resources and conservation in South Africa


History, or a study of past events, gives learners an understanding of where people come from. Each generation is shaped by the events of the previous generation. History is also a skills-based subject where learners develop the skills needed to become critical readers and thinkers.

The Grade 7 History syllabus is made up of the following topics:

  • Term 1: The kingdom of Mali and the city of Timbuktu in the 14th century
  • Term 2: The Trans-Atlantic slave trade
  • Term 3: Colonisation of the Cape 17th–18th centuries
  • Term 4: Co-operation and conflict on the frontiers of the Cape Colony in the early 19th century


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