CAPS Grade 6 Mathematics
40 Weeks
CAPS Grade 5 or an equivalent
Course ends with progression test
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Mathematics is the building block for everything in life. Mathematics provides learners with everyday skills, such as estimating, problem-solving, critical thinking and accuracy.

This subject will guide and support learners in acquiring important mathematical skills and knowledge. They will gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered, which will help build their future mathematical career.
Grade 6 of the CAPS Curriculum – Intermediate Phase has lessons and activities to help the child with the following skills in the mathematics curriculum:

  • Develop the correct use of the language of Mathematics
  • Develop number vocabulary, number concept, calculation and application skills
  • Learn to listen, communicate, think, reason logically
  • Learn to investigate, analyse, represent and interpret information
  • Learn to pose and solve problems
  • Build an awareness of the role that Mathematics plays in real life situations and personal development

Each content area covered directly contributes towards the acquisition of these specific skills. 

The Grade 6 Math curriculum covers five areas: 

  • Numbers, Operations and Relationships
  • Patterns
  • Functions and Algebra
  • Space and Shapes (Geometry)
  • Measurement and Data Handling


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