CambriLearn Alberton

A private tuition and schooling center in Alberton, South Africa

CambriLearn provides internationally-accredited online learning content in a school setting that offers personalised learning that is supervised by teachers and tutors.

Why students choose CambriLearn

CambriLearn Academy Alberton is a private learning centre that offers an in-person learning environment for homeschooled students. With small classes with no more than 8 students, CambriLearn Alberton combines the best of both worlds; indivisualised learning support and social interaction with student peers.

We cater for students aged 6-18 and can help parents decide on a suitable learning path.


We cater for students aged 6-18 and can help parents decide on a suitable learning path.

Our self-paced learning model assists with developing talented children.

Talent Development

Our self-paced learning model assists with developing talented children.

Supervised learning with access to free Wi-Fi on Mondays to Fridays.

Drop-off & go

Supervised learning with access to free Wi-Fi on Mondays to Fridays.

Peek inside CambriLearn Academy

Subjects available at

CambriLearn Alberton

Business Studies
Consumer Studies
Creative Arts
Economic Management Sciences
Learning to Read and Write
Life Orientation
Life Sciences
Life Skills
Mathematics Literacy
Natural Science
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

What Our Parents and Students Say About Us

This has been the best experience my son and I have had, given that this wasn't our first Rodeo. The support team is amazing!!! Both customer and academic. My enquiries will get answered fast, and it made the experience not stressful. My family who was initially sceptical about this have definitely changed their tunes.

Tanya Kabuya
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Our children have grown so much in knowledge and all their marks have improved drastically since being in mainstream schools. I highly recommend CambriLearn to anyone that's wanting to give their children the best schooling opportunity.

Angelica Sam
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Best decision I could have ever made is to start Homeschooling my son. The most awesome service, amazing learning material, easy to understand. Feedback from the tutors etc is on point. All praise to CambriLearn, Ur the best!! You make the days a learning breeze.

Nicole van den Berg
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Our children have  benefited from Cambrilearn platform last two years and we are very happy with their progress. We have a feeling of being in "good hands" while enjoying our flexibility and supporting the individual pace and uniqueness each child develops at.

Sylwia Szostak
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Rather than being bored, my child now enjoys what she's learning. Overall, it's easy to use too. I don't regret changing to CambriLearn and will probably stick with them until my daughter finishes school. Thanks for an awesome homeschooling product, guys!

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Desere Davis
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We love the Cambrilearn institute and online platform. It is easy to use and offers everything you  need. It has been a game changer for my son. His confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. We follow the Cambridge Curriculum and the quality is astounding.

Niki Kim review
Nikki Kim
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(CambriLearn's) unique resources, teaching styles, structured programs and attention to detail make homeschooling fun and easy. They have been the only service provider to eliminate the stress and anxiety around educating my child and have made education something we look forward to each day!

Jessica Knock
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It's such an amazing system that we just kept going. The Support department deals with any query quickly, the teachers mark tests and assignments almost right away, the online classes are wonderful and published for convenient review and the additional work sheets are just great!

Michelle K
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The staff are super helpful, the course content well planned and easy to navigate. Homeschooling is still a bit of a learning curve for us but it is wonderful to know we have rock solid support all the way. I would definitely recommend CambriLearn to friends and family who are considering homeschooling for their children.

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Sanet Geyser
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