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Your schooling solution when moving abroad  

If you have children, then one of the most important decisions that you will make when moving abroad is around schooling options. 

You may be faced with language, schedule or cultural barriers in your new country and might opt to enrol your child in a school that can cater to your home language and lifestyle choices. Many expat families want to ensure that their children continue their schooling in their first language with minimal disruptions to their education and progression.  

Whilst you may find a suitable international private school to accommodate your language, cultural and schedule preferences, these schools often come with a hefty price tag. Many parents find it difficult to justify the exorbitant costs associated with enrolling their child in a foreign private school. 

For these reasons, and more, many families consider alternative schooling solutions when moving abroad including online schooling, homeschooling or studying through a tutor. 

Why you should enrol with CambriLearn

  • Receive an internationally accredited education whilst enjoying the freedom and flexibility to study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world!
  • CambriLearn has over a decade of experience, is accredited by COGNIA and has been tried and tested by more than 3.5 million students worldwide.
  • With more than 600 tutor partners around the world, CambriLearn students have access to ongoing support and the opportunity to study alongside a group of peers through a learning pod or hybrid schooling environment. 

About CambriLearn

CambriLearn is an internationally recognised online schooling platform that provides online lessons and materials for students of all ages who want to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

Some of the benefits CambriLearn's students enjoy include:

Complete Online Courses

Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC.

International Accreditation

CambriLearn is accredited with Cognia, with the shared goal of a holistic education focused on providing every opportunity that knowledge brings.

Student Tracker

Easily track improvement across each of your courses and get marked assignments with teacher feedback.

Marked Assignments & Exams

Submit your assignments and mock exams via the platform and get personalised feedback.

Direct chat with teachers

Students can communicate directly with teachers through a live chat feature.

Chat forums

Our forums create strong community engagement and support for students, guardians and tutors.

Live and recorded lessons

Interactive Q&A sessions and live lessons with teachers. These lessons are recorded and are available for students to view anytime.