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Digital Citizenship Course Coming Soon

Equip your tweens with the necessary skills to use social media safely, successfully and happily.


About the Course

The CambriLearn Digital Citizenship course was co-designed by a psychologist and social media lawyer in an effort to help t(w)eens adopt a positive approach to social media use. Our unique course content creates an openness to learning that does not come with the traditional fear-mongering approaches to navigating digital dangers (and delights). 

Digital Citizenship Course Benefits

  • Improved ability to spot and deal with dangerous online situations (online predators, fake news, cyberbullying, scams and fake news).
  • A toolkit of skills to use to respond to inappropriate content online (requests for nudes, finding pornography etc).
  • An understanding of when it is necessary and appropriate to tell a trusted adult.
  • Effective management of online bullying (as both a victim and an upstander).
  • Tools to get the most out of social media and how to harness your social media presence for good.
  • An understanding of what creates a digital footprint, the permanence of digital content and how this affects scholarship and career opportunities later on in life.
  • An understanding of the potentially harmful effects of social media on mental health and how to identify one’s own “tipping point”.
  • Knowing how to set up their devices and apps for optimum safety and privacy including some lesser-known, nifty tricks of the trade.
  • Tools to increase their ability to focus and manage digital distractions.
  • An understanding of the dynamics that drive our wish to engage in sexting and understanding the legal consequences of sexting.
  • A toolkit of responses to use if they are asked for nudes/private images.
  • Skills to manage online anxiety, self-harm and depression.


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