Socialising when schooling with us

Socialising when schooling with us

There are several options for socialisation for your child and we encourage you to explore which one you feel will have the most positive effect for them.

  • All students can make use of the 'Student Forum' section on the platform, to socialise and network. They can ask if there are any other students in their area there.
  • Alternatively, there is a vast number of Facebook groups that they can join (there are 1000's of homeschoolers in the same boat looking for friends).
  • They could join a tutor centre if they are looking for the physical presence with other learners of their age group.
  • For our high school students, we've created a CamrbiLearn Crew Discord Server that functions as a real time chat channel where students can discuss school work, movies, books, series and share art and music. You can learn more about our CambriLearn Crew server here.

Do you have additional questions?

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