Only Three Subjects in Primary Stage (British Curriculum)

Only Three Subjects in Primary Stage (British Curriculum)

As the students progress up the grades, more and more subjects are introduced. The logic behind this strategy is: We get many students coming from traditional school, where they are doing up to 8 or 9 subjects.

The students have very little interest in most of these subjects, and they are given to the student simply 'for the sake of it'. This understandably causes unnecessary pressure on the student.

Our aim is to focus on the core subjects - subjects that require a foundational knowledge to progress to the next level. i.e. one can't do grade 4 Maths unless they have done grade 3 Maths.

Other subjects (history as an example) don't have the same foundational requirements. History is history - it doesn't build from one year to the next.As the student progresses up the levels, we do make more subjects available, but these are more strategically chosen - we look at the student's interests, and their probable career paths, and then reverse engineer their subject choices to align with that, rather than providing them with many unnecessary subjects and hoping a couple of them stick.

Parents can supplement the British Curriculum with our CAPS curriculum courses, but please keep in mind that the CAPS curriculum runs from January to December, and doesn't afford the same flexibility of the British Curriculum.

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