Downloading Zoom for Q&As

Downloading Zoom for Q&As

Zoom is the app we use for Q&A sessions. You can download the app ahead of the sessions so that you are ready to go when the Q&A starts. You will only have to download Zoom once.

If you’re on a laptop or desktop, please follow the instructions below. If you’re on another device, have a look in the Google Play Store or the iStore for the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app.

1. Go to

Once you’re in the Download Center, you want to download Zoom Client for Meetings. Click on the “Download” button.

2. Follow the download instructions

The download process varies from computer to computer. It may happen automatically in the background. If not, choose where you want to save the installation file and then click on save. Run the .exe file to install Zoom, giving permissions where necessary (this process will vary depending on your computer). Downloading and installation can take a few minutes.

3. Close the pop-up and join a Q&A session via the student dashboard

There is no need for you to click on “Join a Meeting” or “Sign In”. You can now close the app. When you click on “Join Now” from your CambriLearn calendar for a Q&A session, the website will automatically open Zoom and take you to the correct Q&A

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